The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Exercise for HSP's

(Photo by David Pentek)

As promised from the last blog, here is my favorite Law of Attraction exercise for empaths from Louise Stapley’s book, Law of Attraction 30 Practical Exercises.

But, before we go to the exercise, let me say that I know some of you may be sick to death with vision boards and mind movies but, for HSP's, this exercise is immensely powerful for brewing up the magic needed to jump-start the Law of Attraction.

Let me explain why....

As you know, I'm a life coach, and the first thing coaches do with clients is ask them to set goals. In order to set goals, we must have the client be crystal clear on what those goals are. They must be able to answer the question, ‘What do I really want?’  This question can be quite challenging.

With mind movies, you're getting clear on the question, 'what do I really want' without even realizing you’re doing it!

I also think mind movies are great because HSP's have a tough game. They feel so much that it can cause them to hermitize themselves and shut down.

I know this personally. 

My whole life I tried to be anything but the HSP I was.

I thought, all that feeling stuff was for wimps. The truth is, I was afraid of the overwhelming emotion it would bring and feared I would not be able to handle it.  For years, I did my best to not feel and walled myself off from emotion. It was a defense mechanism.

But I learned that to be a productive HSP, I have to encourage myself to explore that side of me. I have to study my feelings. My true nature is sensitive, soft, and feeling not hard, callous, and unfeeling.

As HSP's, our feelings are what connects us to our gifts. And in order to be successful with the law of attraction, you must feel what you want -  period. Feeling is mandatory, not optional.

I love making and watching mind movies because it forces me to connect with my true feelings and thus my gifts as a HSP. And that makes what I desire come to me even quicker.

So the HSP has a double bonus with making mind movies; deeper connection with gifts + more clarity on wants = super fast manifesting with the Law of Attraction. 

So without further adieu, try this exercise from Louise Stapely’s book,  Law of Attraction - 30 Practical Exercises (Law of Attraction in Action Book 1) on how to make your own movie for FREE!


1) Download Microsoft Photostory (It’s free!)


2) Apple users, if you are having trouble, you can instead use iPhoto


3) When your software is downloaded, click on “Begin A New Story” and click “Next”


4) Click on “Import Pictures” and begin to import all the pictures that will inspire you


5) Click “Next” and begin to add text to each picture if you like, then click “Next”


6) If you want one slide to have more time than another (because you want a certain slide to go with music or something like that), click Customize Motion underneath the picture, then click on “Number of Seconds” to display the picture and adjust the arrows accordingly.  


7) Add music by clicking select music. Your files must be WAV files for it to work with Photostory. I buy my WAV files music from Amazon Music. Download the song on your computer, click “add music,” then click on the track you want.


8) Select “View your Story”


9) Save your Project


10) Watch every day for inspiration, clarity and connection to your feelings.


Now, if you want to DIY for a mind movie in less time, there is a fantastic company that makes it so much easier and less time consuming for you. They are called Mind Movies and you can check out their super cool movie making software here:

I hope these blogs have helped you to sift through some of the Law of Attraction material out there and has made it easier for you, as an HSP, to realize how powerful you are AND to get everything you want and desire!