Permission To Be

I am a certified life coach. My focus is helping people find their life path or mission.

It’s funny I chose that since I always seemed to be searching for mine.

It was always right in front of me except I stumbled around, grasped, pulled and searched high and low for it.  

Where was it?  

The secret I learned after years of chasing the life purpose dragon is…

your life mission isn’t really something you ever find, it’s a lesson or several lessons you receive throughout your lifetime that help propel you forward and honor the contract or contracts you came here with. 

These are lessons we are all given on this earth, and no one is immune from them. 

It’s an invitation to cut yourself open to see what passions lie beneath. To see what is lurking and crawling around and wants ‘out’ or to be released.  

It’s your symphony. It’s your song.  

It’s the one thing or many things that make you feel alive.  

That is… if you would give yourself permission to feel that way. 

Most of us do not give ourselves that permission.  

We instead feel too strongly to act from obligation, forever wanting to be the good or favorite kid in the class.  

There are a million people and a million outsources; companies we work for, media, schools, family, etc. that are all too happy to tell you what ‘their’ right thing is, and when you do it, they will allow you to feel good about yourself. You know this by their behavior toward you. It’s conditional. 

The more you do ‘their’ things, the more of their praise you get. When you don’t do those things they withhold their approval, love, and feeling. Ouch! 

Within all this untruth, is it any wonder that most people never find ‘their’ true north or even know what it is?  

How can you find your own life mission when people are very busy trying to tell you what yours should be? 

Your true north is a sensation of what feels right to you.

It quietly tells you what the things are that want release. 

It is never conditional and is always truth.  

And how does one expand on and unfold all of that?  

Through their own nature, their own being.  

Those that you view as successful with life mission are only that way because they expounded on their own nature.  

It is not about acceptance. 

So many write about acceptance and being OK with who you are. 

It is not about that. 

It’s about multiplying what was already given to you. 

What is it that makes you unique? 

What is it that scares you most about yourself? 

At night when you are under the covers and afraid of things that go bump in the night, what are the things about yourself that appear in the corners?  

These are the things you will want to begin to shed some light on and then amplify them

Grab a flashlight and your favorite stuffed animal and see what’s in the shadows. What lurks there are the stirrings of your soul - your essence. 

Are you afraid? 

Good, then you’re halfway there.