How To Talk To Your Angels & Spirit Guides - Part One


It is my firm belief that everyone can talk to and has access to their angels and spirit guides.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a highly sensory person and have abilities that you want to better understand.

But, while this sounds great, how do you actually do this?  

How do you go from thinking you have abilities to being confident in them?

More importantly, how do you begin to use them for the greater good?

First, let’s address the all-important question: What are guides?

It's asked often because I don’t think the answers out there truly satisfy a lot of people, but here’s a basic explanation:

They are persons of spirit and are our most important helpers. They are our connection to our true-life path. They are the road signs, the arrows, the compass, and the map. They are vital to your success and to your identifying and achieving your life mission as a highly sensory person. 

A lot of spiritual teachers like to use the word “non-corporeal” (without a body) when describing spirit guides. I always felt that phrase was kind of funny because we don’t throw around the word “corporeal” in normal conversation. Besides, you already know that most guides are not in a 3-D form like humans. 

They don’t have a human form like we do and they have either passed on or were never meant to be in human form.  

They can come in many forms. They can be angels, guardian angels, star beings, ancient masters, ancestors or just regular passed over folk who have become extremely wise over time. 

They can be assigned to you at birth or at any time throughout your lifetime. You can have just a few guides, or you can have many. 

My favorite analogy is to liken it as being a CEO of a company.

To make your company successful, you have employees that you rely on. 

You have hired these people for their expertise, and so you look to them for advice and support in these specialized areas. 

You are the CEO of your life, you are the CEO of your company, and your spirit guides have been assigned (employed) to you to help you complete your mission and build your company. 

Here is further elaboration on what spirit guides are that was given to me by my own guides:

“Guides were never meant to replace God. Spirit guides are God’s servant and thus man’s. Spirit Guides came to extend the message to those that needed to hear from a source that was closer in frequency to them.” 

“God’s frequency is immensely powerful, and of course, anyone may go directly to the source at any time and not wish to be with us or talk with us; that is always permitted. However, as mentioned, the frequency of God can be intimidating to some and overpowering to others. It is not meant to be so, so it deters anyone from the source. Knowing this about the source and its frequency, we make things a little more comfortable or more approachable for those with varying frequencies.” 

“No, no there is no trickery here. Guides come from a place of love and love only. Guides are a very vast, wide, and broad topic – there are many of us, all with different missions and coming from different frequencies and places.” 

“We are called by source. If we answer the call, we are assigned. First, we are taught about our plan, and then we are sent. It is an assignment that most jump for joy about. For being called by source is a great honor. It is an honor to continue to serve on a different plain at a different time.”

“At first, it can be tremendously disorienting -  the space and time jumping and the differences in frequency. But as you are with your beloved [assignments], you adapt, and you grow. And as you grow, they grow. It is a very loving arrangement. We are stewards of the divine, and we are here only to that end.” 

So let this collaboration begin!

In the next part of this series, we’ll find out how to communicate with our Spirit Guides and begin to build our best and brightest sensory companies. 

Until next time,

Happy Guiding!