Connected: How To Talk To Heaven With Your Angels & Spirit Guides, Part Four

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You know those magical animal growing capsules? “Add water, and they grow into fun animals and shapes!” That is what I picture I look like when I walk into a place ungrounded.

I’m an empath; I’m an intuitive. I absorb the energy of people, places, and things like a sponge. When I do that, I start feeling that energetic whirling and that sensation of being just outside my body and my blood sugar goes wonky.

All too often, I forget that I am responsible for my energetic environment. I get to control what comes in and what goes out. I can only do that if I have a good foundation to stand on.

That foundation is grounding. It is the concrete your home stands on. The dirt your plants are nestled in.  It’s your true north. It’s the center in you that quietly reminds you why you’re here and who you are.

It’s home.

All too often, it’s easy for us to get pulled out of that center. There are so many things competing for our time, energy, and focus that the one thing that seems to get neglected most is a pure, grounded state.

When I start my day or a spirit guide session by grounding, I am creating the perfect environment and setting myself up for success.

I like to personally use the grounding method found here that is the accompaniment to the Connected program. I also like this one from Mastering Alchemy’s, Jim Self. Or, It can also be a lot of fun to create your own.

No matter what your preference, I look at grounding as self maintenance. Feeling grounded, strongly rooted and in your body before connecting with your angels and guides is always great practice.

Here is what the guides say about step three in Connected, grounding:

“Grounding to us is comparable to when you learn something new. Do you know that feeling you get? You have mastered the education of something and within you sparks a remembering. It is something you knew you had within you all the time you but just had to do some studying to remember it.

This is grounding.

It is the remembering or the refixing of things once known and activating them.

When you do this, you are in a powerful position or a centered position, using all of your resources - using ‘you’ fully and capably. You are at 100%. Not 20% or 50% or 80% but you are feeling fully within you and your body and all of your knowledge.

This is the best place always to begin anything, especially spiritual work or communication with what is beyond the 3d world. When you tap into this place of power or center you have confidence, - there is no fear, there is no doubt. It ‘s energy that gives you permission to be you freely. This is a genuinely grounded state.

This is why so many exercises out there ask you to connect to something that is pure and has a solid state and is always in its foundation – this object you are attaching to reminds you to remember the perfection or perfect state and wisdom within yourself.”

Now that we are grounded, it is time to put the shine on our chakras. See you in the next blog for step Four.

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