Connected: How To Talk To Heaven With Your Angels & Spirit Guides, Part Three

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Step Two in learning to communicate with our angels & guides may be the smallest of all the steps, but it is just as essential and mighty as the others are.  

We set our intention before we talk to our Angels & Spirit Guides.  

First, Highly Sensory People (HSP’s) have extraordinary minds. With that intelligence comes a very overactive mind. If we go into our spirit guide sessions with many intentions and many purposes, we usually end up disappointed and coming out with nothing. 

It’s easy to walk into a session and have your mind chatter look something like this: “I want to talk to my financial guides. Wait, no. I want to talk to my highest guides. Yes, I want my highest guides. Actually, no, I think I want to know if I should be writing a book about the recent idea that keeps popping in my head.”  So, you see, if you go into a session with all of this in your mind, you can imagine that what you get will be as confused and as busy as your many intentions.  

Angels & Spirit guides are very organized and deliberate. They like and appreciate a clear mind, so the teaching is as efficient and comfortable as possible for you. They love you dearly, and they do not want your time with them to ever be wasted.  

So the first step is to set your purpose and state your intention.

You can either say your intention aloud, speak it in your mind, or write it down on a piece of paper.  

I love doing morning writings with my guides. It’s sort of my daily diary. I will open a word document, connect, and just start writing the messages I hear. My intention before I go into a morning writing session is, “What guidance do you have for me today?” This is an excellent method if you’re looking for general guidance.  

If you want something more specific, simply say that. Sometimes we have troubles that we want to talk to someone about and get advice. You could say something like: 

  • “Why am I in the job I’m in?”  

  • “How can I find a job that is better suited for me?” 

  • “Why am I having troubles with my finances?” 

Or sometimes we just want to get to know our guides better so we can go in and say: 

  • “Who is my main guide?” 

  • “What guides are with me the most?” 

  • “Can you describe yourself?” 

If you think it, you can ask it.  Remember the only rule here is to be clear about what you want before you go in. This way you know that when you set foot in your ‘you only’ space, you have determined your intention and you are ready to work.  

This is what the guides say about intention: 

“Intention is all about wanting and desire. It is letting the universe know where you want to go and how you want to get there. To desire is human. To be human is to desire.

Now we feel many of you recoiling with the word ‘desire’. It is a loaded and well-packed word. It needn’t be. It simply describes what is inside of you wanting to get out.

We would liken this to what you would call life mission or purpose. And, it is up to you to find that and honor that throughout your lifetime.

Each desire brings you closer and closer to what you truly feel and when you are on par with what you feel, then you know what you want to release in this world.

It also helps you know what you want to contribute, and what part of the piece of the whole is yours that you can give back with resounding passion.

When you do this, the giving back, you have done your duty, and the world is yours.

And so any intention no matter how small begins the beautiful journey of exploring and unpacking the self.

Set your intentions and set them often.”

Now that we have set our intention, it is time to move to step three where we are getting our bodies ready for angelic and spirit guide communication.  

See you in the next blog for step three!  

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