Connected: How To Talk To Heaven With Your Angels & Spirit Guides, Part Five

Let’s give your chakras a quick shine!

It’s very beneficial to have your chakras in working order before talking with your spirit guides and angels.

As you already know, chakras are energy portals. This is where your intuitive energy is concentrated, filtered, and distributed.

The cleaner your chakras (and thus your energy), the better your spirit guide communication and intuitive abilities work.

In an ideal world, we would try to re-balance our chakras for about an hour in the morning and an hour at night.

However, we live in a busy world, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

So yes, the more extended sessions are best practice but to make this real world doable - I like to look at chakra cleaning like cleaning your teeth. They need about ten minutes of daily brushing, so you look and feel like you shine a little brighter. A little bit of cleansing, purifying, and strengthening your body’s energy can help you maintain them.

When cleaning my chakras, I prefer to use the free daily meditation that comes with Connected because it both grounds me and cleanses my chakras – all in under 20 minutes.

Though this is my preferred method, you can feel free to use whatever chakra clearing or meditation you like before a session with your guides.

Some of my personal favorites are Jonathan Goldman. He has some beautiful longer chakra sessions, or he has some great short ones too. I love his free seven-minute chakra balancing he offers on his website. And, I am also a big fan of his chakra app. Other favorites are anything by Cyndi Dale or Anodea Judith.

Remember, there are no hard or fast rules here. Cleaning your chakras is just good practice and makes your performance as an intuitive even more powerful.

So, now that your chakras are soft and shiny, get ready for the final installment in the Connected series - “Asking”

Until then!

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Sheila Seaborg