Connected: How To Talk To Heaven With Your Angels & Spirit Guides, Part Six

I know this may sound obvious, but to communicate with your guides and angels, you have to ask. You want to work with those that have your best interest at heart, so you need to ask for that too.

What are we really doing when we’re asking? We’re setting spiritual boundaries. It’s important to be specific about what we will and will not accept.

I only work with those who walk in the white light of God and speak with clarity and love.

Anything else is 100 % unacceptable.

Because I am strict and consistent with this, I have never had a negative experience while doing this work. Spiritual safety is one reason why we clear our space while saying our invocation (Step one), set our intention (Step two) and Ask (Step Five).

Now, no worries, and deep breaths! You are safe and protected! You can do this!

Sometimes I wonder if this should be the first step, but we genuinely need to ready ourselves and our environments before we communicate with spirit.

In step five, we finally get down to business and say, “Hello, Angels and Spirit guides. I’m ready, let’s chat.”

It’s ok not to know who to ask for. If this is the case, asking for your highest guides is excellent.

If after several times connecting you get to know your guides on a more personal level, it’s ok to ask for a certain one. I have a guardian angel whose name is Mary that I ask for all the time. After I have gone through the five steps, I will sit down and say “Mary, I need help with this, what are your thoughts?”

And then I do the most basic of all the steps: I listen and write it down.

At first, I sat with a pen and notebook, went through the five steps, and began writing the messages I received. 

Later, when I became more comfortable with the process, I picked up my laptop and used it to craft the messages.

Grab your favorite writing tools + listen to the messages + take notes.

Let it flow and let it happen. Do not question it, do not block it -  allow it to happen.

That’s it - those are your five steps in learning to speak with your spirit guides and angels.

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To some, this may still be a bit of an esoteric topic. It would be just as appropriate to use these steps to ready yourself to listen to your higher self or higher guidance as well. Whatever makes you comfortable is the right thing.

Also please know, this is not just something for intuitives, mediums, psychics etc. Everyone and anyone can talk to their guides and angels. If you are an engineer, an architect, a writer, or an artist, communicating with your guides will enhance and expand your work. Just ask!

The best suggestion with all of this is to use the Nike logo and just do it and do it a lot. It is like anything else in this world; practice does make things a lot better. With practice, your communication will become stronger, and you will be someone who can clearly hear their spirit guides and angels.

Sheila Seaborg