The Law of Attraction - Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions

Sometimes, It can feel like you're tripping over landmines or walking on eggshells when working with the law of attraction.

Your brain rattles off thoughts like, "What am I doing wrong? I must be doing it all wrong because it's not working!" Then, you slip into the role of judge and jury by analyzing all the thoughts and emotions you've had. You worry that what you're saying and feeling is wrong. This reaction then manifests precisely what you do not want! Then the guilt and shame come a-knockin'.

When I get into a cycle like this, I know I need help. I am in a bad place, a bad vibration, and sometimes no amount of self-help or positive thinking can pull me out of it.

Then I remember: I have guides.

Things may be difficult but we can always get quiet, breathe, and ask for help.

After my latest go-around with guilt, shame, and the law of attraction, my guides had a few words of insight for me. 

Go back and think about where your thoughts have been this week. What was your focus on?

When they asked me, I remembered. I had been focusing on some frustrating situations and giving them my full attention, time, and energy. Before I could slip into my usual spiral of guilt and shame over being in such a place, they interrupted me and said:

It would behoove you to remember who you are. You are a child of God, not a fighting participant in the fault-finding gang. If you find yourself discovering so much liability, step away, step back, remove yourself from that situation entirely. Be as forceful about removing and stopping the fault-finding as you are when you are in it and being emotional about it. Be mindful; you are always 100% responsible for being aware. You do not get free passes from being mindful. Or better said, it is not like you can be mindful from the hours of 5-6 am and then forget about it and be someone else all day long and expect good things or good results. How can you expect good results when you have left your good behind?

And so it came, their smackdown.

I get a lot of them from Ten, the name for the group of guides I work with. Their smackdowns are just usually reality checks.

And this one screamed, "WHERE IS YOUR ATTENTION?"

Then I realized that there is no blame, there is no shame in this statement. It's just a question. And instead of going into some useless self-punishing behavior, you simply stop and ask yourself, "What do you have yourself entangled in right now? Where are your thoughts?" My guides were suggesting to bring it back to good. Kind of like the old safety words our fire department taught us as kids, but let’s instead use it for our thoughts. Stop, drop, and bring it back to good.

I know how tough it can be to do that. Maybe you are in a job you hate. Perhaps a loved one is sick or  maybe you are going through a volatile relationship. But no matter what the situation is, you can always STOP. Remove yourself from the tornado of emotion and back up. Close the door on it. Breathe and ask yourself, "Where is my attention? Is it on the good or the bad?" At the very least, remember you are a child of the universe, and you are loved. Even if you don't feel like it right now, accept that you were in a bad place and simply move out of it and move on.

That is all there is to changing anything at any given moment.

The law of attraction - or as we like to call it here at Spirit Guide Girl, The Law of Receiving - isn't about punishment. It is never about that. It is only ever about the relationship you are having with your current reality and the truth.