How To Discover Intuitive Abilities That Only You Have


How To Discover Intuitive Abilities That Only You Have

Have you ever heard Alanis Morissette sing? Her inflection is so unique that I am quite sure there is no other singer like her.

Now, here’s a better question:  have you ever tried to sing along to an Alanis Morissette song? (80’s - 90’s kids, I know you have!) And, when you did (if you’re like me), you most likely did it poorly despite your best efforts.

I think this is because of her uniqueness, it is almost impossible to duplicate or replicate how she sings.

Now interestingly enough, this a lot like intuitive ability.

Many people are under the assumption that all intuitives are like Theresa Caputo (we adore her!) and that they all have the same abilities and do the same things she does.

While this is what Hollywood has been teaching us for years, the truth is actually a little different.

You see, the truth is that there are many types of intuitives. There are Psychics, Mediums, Channels, Astrologers, Shamans, and Healers, and within each of these fields, the practices are very personalized.

Furthermore, within each practice, the practitioner is very unique - each has their own intuition fingerprint that no one else can duplicate. 

The neat thing about this incredible uniqueness is that they came this way.

Each practitioner entered earth with a DNA that was created very much on purpose – to heal certain groups and certain people in very specific ways.

But, as with a lot of those struggling with their uniqueness, there are some hang-ups or things that get in the way of their ability to share their psychic aptitudes with the world.

I like to call these Psychic Hang-Ups

Let’s take a deeper look at these Hang-Ups and how you can overcome them.

Psychic Hang-Up #1 - Worrying your psychic ability is completely crazy and that other people will think you’re crazy, too.

When you start talking about spiritual ability to others, people instinctively seem to clam up, get weird, and become quiet.

Why? The answer is simply because it is not entirely accepted by mainstream society to receive intuitive information. Not only that, but very few people were born to very understanding hippy type parents who say, “oh sure this sort of thing is great!” Most of us have occupations where if you utter the word, empath, intuitive, healer, or medium, you’re seen as an outcast.

So, it’s understandable that this would leave a whole lot of us out there thinking, “yea I would love to do this whole alternative healing thing, BUT……….”

My advice?  If you truly want to find your unique intuitive ability, then much courage is required.

Embracing courage includes a daily mantra of remembering that you were made the way you were made with an incredible purpose in mind. Other people and their opinions cannot give you advice or tell you what to do on something that is not their life mission or their life purpose. You are the only one who knows how this is to unfold, including who it is you are here to be and who it is you are here to help.

You simply cannot let other people define you.

Never be ashamed of who or what you are. In my own experience, I lived for many, many, years trying to hide who I was. Eventually, I finally listened to some advice and finally had the courage to say to myself, “I am on purpose!” I even went so far as to start making apparel and merchandise just for intuitives in our spirit guide girl store so other people could also shout from the rooftops, INTUITIVE AND PROUD OF IT!

Psychic Hang-Up #2 - Not accepting your intuitive abilities or trying to ignore them.

When trying new things, lots of people try to say motivating things such as, “leap and the net will appear,” or “feel the fear and do it anyway.” 

What I have learned, however, is that unless you embody your intuitive ability, unless you put this on like a flight suit, zip it up and fully wear it, you will never see or feel your true potential. You can leap into all the nets you want, but unless you become so immersed in what you are doing, how you want to do it, and how you are going to help others, it simply won’t work.

That being said, once you do fully get on board with this, you will start to have a completely different view of this work, how important it truly is, and how important it is to those around you.

Once this becomes the direction of your focus, you will focus less and less on hang up #1 - what others think. Miraculously, that opinion begins to matter less and less, giving you more and more confidence.

Psychic Hang-Up #3 - Not knowing where to start, or being on the constant search for spiritual guidance.

This Hang-Up may sound like, “what kind of intuitive am I?” and “how do I start my intuitive development once I figure that out?”

(To help you start to answer these questions, you can try our nifty little quiz you can find here.)

There are many ways to approach developing intuitive abilities. To begin to find and develop your intuitive information, the best advice I ever received was to simply start with spirit guides and get to know who your team is.

Once you have your team of spirit guides on board, you will then have the guidance and assistance you need to move along your path and find your intuitive gifts.

We actually have a free email series that walks you through how to connect with your spirit guides, which you can find here. There are many resources out there for you, too, should you need them.

Psychic Hang-Up #4 - I am intuitive and thus I OVERTHINK.

The final Hang-Up I’d like to discuss is that all intuitives fall under the highly sensitive person umbrella and have very active thoughts.

I have found that all Highly Sensitive People are extremely intelligent, sometimes to their own downfall. What I mean by this is that they overthink.

Do you know the term analysis paralysis? I’m fairly confident it was created to describe intuitives, because most of the people I mentor have difficulty getting out of their own heads and start moving.

To help you overcome this Hang-Up, don’t over think about how to connect with your spirit guides, your Clair senses, or whatever else is going on in your head right now. Simply take one step toward it and just DO IT.

The best coach I ever had said very bluntly, “no one gives a f*** what you think, they give a f*** about what you do.” So, my same advice to you is to stop thinking and start acting, today, right now.

So, now you’ve read about each of the Hang-Ups I’ve identified, how do you find your unique intuitive aptitude and your ability to overcome the Hang-Ups?

You were born this way on purpose to help specific people in a unique way. The more you get out there and practice your ability, the more your specific uniqueness makes itself known to you.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, you define yourself more and more by practicing your abilities and putting one foot in front of the other. Then, on a day you least expect it, you’ll stumble on the fact that you’ve been doing it right all along – simply by just being yourself.

I know there are several challenges with being an intuitive but don’t let the Hang-Ups happen to you. You have a job to do and don’t let anything get in the way of doing it in your own unparalleled way. 



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