How to Use the Law of Attraction to Clear Debt


As promised from the blog, The Top Ten Law of Attraction Books for the Empath and Highly Sensitive Person, here is a wonderful law of attraction manifesting technique I oftentimes use with my clients, and even with myself.  This technique dramatically helps you to find peace and courage when you find yourself on your knees, asking the universe for money.

In my own experience, we usually find ourselves in these kinds of desperate situations when you're feeling the crunch of a low bank account, the stress of not being able to pay your bills, or your credit card debt is knocking impatiently at the front door.

The law of attraction is 100% about your current state - not your past state and not the state you will be in sometime in the future.  Simply the state you are in at this very moment.

For example, let’s pretend you’re mad at your boss or a family member and you find yourself replaying scenes in your head that are only intensifying your state of anger and frustration.

You may not realize it at the time, but what you’re actually doing is sending your emotional state out to the universe.  While we don’t mean to, this poses some issues, because sending out anger and frustration is the exact opposite of what we want. Always remember the law of attraction is paying attention to your thoughts at all times.

There is a song by the B-52’s called Private Idaho. Go ahead listen to it right here, right now, and you’re welcome for the dance party that follows.  I, personally, use this to snap me out of a bad state and when I’m sending my negative thoughts out into the world.

The song is all about being in a bad place or a bad mindset. It explains that, at any moment, we have a choice to get out of that state of mind. Our state of mind is always 100% within our control and, if you’re staying in your “Private Idaho,” it’s your choice whether or not you want to stay there.

At the end of the song, Fred Schneider yells, “GET OUT OF THAT STATE, GET OUT OF THAT STATE YOU’RE IN, BETTER BEWARE!” In my humble opinion, it’s clear to me Fred must have had a full understanding of the law of attraction when he wrote this song.

So, pay attention. All. The. Time.

Where are your thoughts right now? Can you get into a better state then you’re in right now? 

The best state is the one when we are tuned in to the same vibration as heaven.

The hard question to ask is, however, how does one get into that state? And, furthermore, what does this have to do with paying your bills and paying off credit cards?

Well, just about everything!

To help answer this question, I’ve included a law of attraction daily exercise to help you clear resistance to becoming debt free, and to help you to manifest money to pay off your debts.

Remember, as we said above it’s all about the mindset and clearing out your mental clutter.

Let’s take a closer look at the critical steps you should take in order to clear debt and gain financial freedom.

How to Clear Resistance When Trying to Attract Something Using the Law of Attraction

Step One - Focus and Get Into a Reflective State

A reflective state is something you've been doing your entire life. It is one that, when you were younger, people told you to ‘snap out of it and to stop daydreaming!’ The thing is this same daydreaming is the exact way to speak to heaven and begin receiving.

Step Two - Breathing

Breathing will help you to remain on task and focus. Always, breathe and focus, breathe and focus. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

Step Three - What is Absent?

Ask yourself, “what is it about what you need or want that makes you feel like it is lacking, and why do you lack it?”

I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to get real about your answer and come to God with it. You must take an honest look at your response to determine why you are lacking in this area.

Are you lacking because you don't have enough money? Is it because you asked for the wrong thing? Is it because you were in the wrong state when you asked for certain things? Or, is it because you don't need it to further your life purpose? Why don’t you have it?

Keep asking yourself questions like these until you find the honest truth.  You also might just have a general feeling of being afraid something will happen if you don't get whatever you are asking for. Examples would be, 'I need this money, otherwise my car will breakdown.' Or, 'I need this raise because I am afraid I will lose my house,' 'I need this because I am afraid I won't be popular,’ etc. After you ask yourself these questions and get to the bottom of the situation, what you will most likely see is fear.

Step Four: Looking at the Fear

The next step to clear your debt is to look at the fear that came up during your self-reflection period in Step 3. What is the fear trying to tell you? Ask questions to help you get to the root of your concern. These questions will most likely lead to some emotions - and probably a lot of them. Maybe you are feeling embarrassment, or perhaps you feel like you have been a financial burden.  Alternatively maybe you feel like you can't stand on your own two feet, or perhaps you're tired or worn out. Whatever it is, take a good, courageous look at it.

Step Five - Finding Your Truth

In this step, it’s imperative you find out what is true about the emotions you just came up with. How much truth do you feel was in your findings?  How much truth is there to your feelings of not being able to stand on your own? Or, do you feel like you might be an embarrassment? Obviously, there is no truth to things like that and, if you know you aren’t any of those things, then what are you?

Step Six - Your True State

After you have determined what you are, you will be introduced to your real state of being. Phrases such as, ‘I am peaceful, I am harmonious, and I am loving’ will come to mind. And, when you begin to feel them, you begin to feel your actual state.

Now that you're in this state and realizing what you truly are, you're finally on a different level. You have cleared all of the gunk out, and you're on the same vibration or station, if you will, as heaven.

Now, go back to what it was you were looking for in the beginning and say, "I'm ready to receive," or use words like, "I'm ready to accept." Any words along these lines will work.

Make sure, however, that you are not in a state of grasping or chasing. You want to be in a 100% receiving state when using affirmations for clearing debt. Using the car example above, you could say something such as, "I am open to receiving help and guidance so that my car will run smoothly and become maintenance-free." Try to avoid specific statements like, "I want $2000 to get my car fixed," because sometimes if you trust, the universe will offer up a far better option that you might never think of on your own.

And finally, you will absolutely be aware that you have stated your receiving correctly because you will feel it in your body. You may breathe a sigh of relief or just feel lighter, or you may nod your head yes - either way, you will know 100% when you've hit the correct statement of receiving. 

During your journey, it’s important to remember it is permissible to repeat the phrase until you feel you get it correct. No one is going to punish you for repeating the words or for getting it wrong. You can't get it wrong. You simply get closer and closer to the sweet spot or the exact vibration you need to receive.

The fastest way to use the law of attraction to stop worrying about money is to clear your mindset and return it back to positive mode, which then puts you on the exact frequency you need to be on to attract everything to you.

I sincerely hope the above law of attraction exercise gets you on the road to financial freedom.   You truly deserve it!


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