What Does Being A Psychic, Medium Or Intuitive Really Mean?


Are you afraid to let others know you’re weird? 

You know what I mean...perhaps you see shadows out of the corner of your eye and you’re pretty certain those shadows are not human.  Or, perhaps you talk to spirit guides named Joe or Sephenous or even cross people over to the other side.

Even though you know all of this may seem strange to others, you absolutely love it. The hard part, however, is telling people about your special gift.  It’s practically like you’re saying, “Hello, my name is Sheila and I’m nuts.  Let me tell you more.”

Before I go on, I want you to get those old fashioned images of being a psychic out of your head – things like crystal balls, headscarves, chain-smoking and scandals.  That’s very yesterday.

Now let me ask you, what does being a psychic, medium or intuitive really mean?  It means you’re an interpreter.  You are taking information from spirit and deducing it into your own language and understanding. 

You see, spirits speak and communicate much differently than we do. 

Take, for example, a time when you went to a non-native speaking country and tried to figure out the language.  Being intuitive is similar in many ways.

Being a psychic, medium or intuitive is a much more common affliction than people realize.  If you’ve ever been inspired and acted on that inspiration, you’re a medium.  This is why it’s so important to let go of the traditional description of a medium and think of your local artist, writer, architect, nurse, doctor, etc.  Where did they get their inspirational ideas from?  Who talks to them and tells them the stories they write, the pictures the paint or how to heal someone?  Intuition.

And then there are those of us who talk about it a little more esoterically.  We are the psychics, mediums, channelers, and authors you read about – the weirdos – and we are doing the same thing you do each and every day.  The difference is we’ve just learned how to hone-in and develop this sixth sense and use it to help guide others.

Let’s take a look at other similarities.  For example, what’s the difference between a nurse’s assistant and a BSN?  Education.  One has decided to dedicate their time, energy and money into further pursuing their passion.  With mediums, it’s the same in their line of work, too.  It takes years of listening to that small inner voice, taking action and spending a great deal of time developing the skill set.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to speak to a grandparent or loved one you never got to know or to contact a spirit on behalf of someone who just needs a little peace of mind.  But, not all of us work like that. 

Not many people know this but there are many specialties inside of this genre.  For example, how do I use my gifts?  My role is as a spiritual coach. I am a spiritual messenger and help intuitives find their superpowers by teaching them to connect with their spirit guides. I also think it is important to help intuitives gain the confidence to embrace their abilities, so they can use them to heal the world. I do that by combining energy healing and channeling with life coaching to help other psychics develop and explore their sensitivity.

I have a degree in Psychology, attend a Masters of Counseling program, and worked in the corporate world for the majority of my life.  I believe my vast experience and education enable me to know the difference between what is clinical and what is gifted. So while you may think this is crazy, I am here to tell you it is not, it is powerful and necessary.

My main goal today, however, is to tell you it takes courage to connect with the unknown.  It takes courage to pursue something our textbooks and the five-sensory world tells us does not exist.  Because deep down, we all know it does.

In a world so fraught with fear and pain, we need this now more than ever.  It is so important for us to get in touch with our other side.  We need to know we are loved, cared for, and that our lives have direction, purpose, and meaning.  These are the kinds of things that we, as interpreters, can help with.  It’s our life purpose and it’s what we’re here to do.

For anyone out there who is still unsure, or still hiding – now is the time.  If you’re asking the question – the answer is yes.


What Does Being A Psychic, Medium Or Intuitive Really Mean?

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