What The F*** Are Spirit Guides?

The world is changing, and more and more people are awakening to the fact that they have spiritual gifts.

No longer are the days when there were a select few in an exclusive mystical club.

The reason there are so many with intuitive abilities today is that you’re needed. This shouldn’t be a surprise. If you read the news on a daily basis, you know this world needs an incredible amount of healing to say the least.

Now, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but before we get started, we need to look at the spiritual system we’ve been learning from for decades. In my opinion, I think it needs to be overhauled just a bit. In today’s day and age, we need a system that gets intuitives out practicing their abilities today, not years from now, because the more you practice, the more refined your abilities will become.

I sat for years in development until I found my guides and used the 5-step system they taught me.

The first step in any successful intuitive development is finding your guides. It’s from there that you have the team and the support you need to truly harness your skills and abilities.

There are only five steps between practicing and contacting your guides today verses years from now.

After I used this five-step system to learn how to connect with my guides, everything came together for me. Everything about me as a highly sensitive person and empath started to make sense.

After you learn the five steps, you will experience many benefits, including:

  • You will understand why exactly you have intuitive gifts

  • Find out which areas you should focus on (aka what is your unique ability)

  • Understand some of the things that are happening to you because of your sensitivity

  • Have the ability to make better sense of the world around you

  • Begin to take your first steps to healing and helping others heal

  • And so many other amazing things!


The What the F*** Are Spirit Guides eBook is the ultimate resource for beginner intiutives.  In the book, it will:

  • Walk you through the five steps to connect to your spirit guides

  • Covers every topic the developing intuitive has when working with guides, such as:

    • What are guides

    • Protection

    • How to know if it’s really your guides

    • Focus

    • Symbols

    • Life Purpose

    • Clair Senses

    • Fear

Plus, the eBook comes with a free, ten-minute companion meditation that walks you through the five steps, grounding and chakra clearing - in just a mere ten minutes!  So, what are you waiting for?



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