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Hi, I’d like to introduce myself, I'm Sheila.

Since 2013, I’ve been working tirelessly as a certified life coach and later came to discover my channeling ability. 

The life coaching part is usually pretty clear but people often ask, what exactly is a channel?

A channel is someone who receives messages in a telepathic nature who then transposes those messages for learning and healing to the intended receiver whether that be a group or an individual. They are slightly different from the more known metaphysical occupations of mediumship or a psychic. The difference lies in who they are getting messages from and how those messages are delivered. Psychics often transpose from light and sound, while mediums use their energy to tap into an etheric field and finally the channel is guided directly from the source. What does that all mean? The Psychic, Medium and Channel are all messengers, the difference really is in who they are talking to and why.

You are a receiver. Everyone has the ability to channel. We channel every day all day long. There are always varying degrees of messages for us. It is up to us if we choose to hear them.

I welcome you to Spirit Guide Girl, and I hope you will enjoy our site where we work hard to provide channeled messages that uplift, heal and enlighten.


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