Hello, I’m Sheila.

Certified Life Coach, Intuition devotee, Energy Healer, Channel, and Spirit Guide Girl.

First off, let me say channeling spirit guides and energy healing is something I never saw coming in my life. I was on the straight and narrow path.

I didn’t see dead people on my bed from the age of five, I was never in a tragic accident that made me see the light. I just always knew I felt different from others, was extremely sensitive and not really sure why.

It was through writing that I discovered my channel and my spirit team affectionately called ‘ten’, and the rest is history.

I am an avid learner and along the way I picked up a few things to help me become a more well rounded spirit wrangler:

  • I am a Certified Life Coach 

  • I hold a BA in Psychology

  • I attend a Master of Counseling program

  • I worked in corporate aviation for 15 years

  • I trained at Aromahead Institute and West Coast Aromatherapy for essential oil studies

  • I am a Reiki Master

  • I prepared under numerous spiritual teachers

I live in the countryside of northern Wisconsin with my family that includes our silver lab Bailey and two insane kittens, John and Mia.

I hope the messages on this site will help you to heal, uplift and manifest the intuitive you were born to be.