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Essential Oils

After attending two essential oil certification programs and writing a book on eliminating cold and flu with essential oils, you could say I’m a little bit in love with them. But most of all I love what they can do for Highly Sensitive People! Be sure to CLICK HERE to check out our Essential oil page where I share tips, tricks, favorites and lots of recipes tailor made for the HSP.




To find out more about this incredible oil, CLICK HERE to read our blog. I love CBD oil for HSP's and find that it does an excellent job of calming the HSP brain that cannot help but deeply process emotion. To order our favorite brand of CBD Oil Click Here




Chi bliss is what I love! This exercise or way of life will help you more than any other on your HSP journey. HSP's deal with lots of energy! To some, life force energy may be an esoteric concept, but as an HSP you are dealing with an influx of it ( some may be yours, some may be from others) Qigong teaches you how to harness it and use it to protect yourself so you can live your most peaceful life. Click here for some easy practices to get you started.



I think meditation is one of THE best tools for HSP's. Even if you only have five mins a day, give it a shot. Click here for HSP meditation tips, tricks and favorites.